Monday, August 8, 2011

My Mum Nasi Seratus

After one week of Ramadhan, my mum wanted to make us Nasi Seratus or we usually called it Nasi Ulam. So early Saturday morning, we went to Pasar Hari Changkat Jering in Taiping to find all types of ulam (local salad) as she wanted to prepare for a Nasi Seratus or Nasi Ulam. Nasi Ulam is very well known for people in the North Part of Malaysia (orang utara la...) and for the East Coast people it is known as Nasi Kerabu or people also called it as Nasi Seratus.

We only found ourselves 24 types of ulam. It should be more! Kalau orang dulu-dulu, they will collect at least 44 types of ulam, but it is very hard to find those now since hutan dah banyak tak ada! Those ulam we found is very cheap sell by a makcik in the market. Types of ulam that we found are (to tell you the truth, I haven't seen all the ulam or those leafs in my life!!!):

Daun Beluntas, Daun Chekor, Daun Bebuas, Daun Putat, Daun Janggus, Daun Pegaga, Daun Kunyit, Daun Sekentut, Daun Kaduk, Daun Kesum / Daun Chenehom (good for a sick duck!), Daun Karipole, Daun Mengkudu, Ulam Raja, Daun Limau Purut, Pucuk Petai, Daun Selom, Daun Cabang Tiga / Melaka / Daun Tonggek Burung, Daun Asam Belimbing, Daun Raja Kayu, Bunga Kantan, Serai and Selasih. Hufff!!!!

Types of ulam we cannot find are: Daun Mata Itik, Daun Mata Ayam, Daun Kulit Kayu Manis, Daun Pala, Daun Halban, Daun Chermai, Daun Dedap and Daun Jambu.

(Daun = Leafs)

Firstly, my mum gathered all the ulam into small groups.

Then she tided the ulam together into a few groups.

Now it is time to cut all those ulam into a very small pieces.

Macam ni! (Like this!)

Then she cuts and blends the Bunga Kantan, Lengkuas and Serai and put them together.

Mix it all together. Add a little bit of salt and pepper.

Lastly, add it with a bit of Kerisik and Ikan Kering Tenggiri Goreng (Ikan Kedera or Ikan Kembung also will do....)

Mix it again and Yeay! Now it is ready!

Kacau sekali dengan nasi yang sudah di masak.
And now the Nasi Ulam is ready to be served.

For that day, we are going to eat the Nasi Ulam with Fish Curry (of course!), Fried Prawn and Kerabu Pucuk Paku! Yummyyyy..........

This is Kerabu Pucuk Paku

Mum also prepared a Cucuk Kodok! Made of banana (pisang la...).

Sedapnya Cucur Kodok!!!

Unfortunately we cannot breakfasting with mum and dad that day since we have to be back to KL a bit early. Ampun Mak! However, my mum packed us all the food and by the time for berbuka as we reached one of the highway rest area, we were having a wonderful Nasi Ulam and a very nice home cook meal prepared by my mum. Thank you Mak. We all really love you so much..... Miss you....


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